Tips To Banish Insomnia And Enjoy A Restful Sleep

watchingclockWe are all aware of the innumerable benefits of a good night’s sleep. However studies reveal that most adults do not get the required amount of shut eye. Luckily, there are time tested sleep tips that help you to fall asleep quickly. Here we list out a few tips that will help you sleep like a baby in no time.
Have an alarm to go bed. Unlike the early morning alarm, that makes us want to scream, this alarm can be soothing. Make sure you set an alarm on your mobile phone. As soon as it goes off, no matter what you are doing, make it a habit to hit the bed.



Do not drink alcohol right before bedtime. This makes you wake up often in the middle of the night and you may find it harder to go back to sleep.
Keep your bedroom dark. Switch off the mood lightings and sleep in a pitch dark room. Studies reveal that sleeping in total darkness helps your body to recover damaged cells quickly making you feel fresh in the morning.
Do not overheat or freeze your bedroom. Adjust your thermostat to the right temperature so that you don’t feel too hot or too cold.
Paint your bedroom in soothing colours like blue, green and grey. Avoid bright colours like red that stimulates your senses making it harder for you to fall asleep.