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The MemoriZzer 3000 Memory Foam Mattress

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Wedo is excited to announce the MemoriZzer 3000: The Mattress that Remembers Your Shopping Lists.Using state-of-the-art technology and our new patented Recall System, we have created a mattress that captures and records your thoughts just before falling asleep. A small sensor, calibrated to your unique thought frequency, wirelessly captures your brainwaves and stores them electronically for you to review the next morning. With this revolutionary mattress, you’ll never forget another item at the supermarket again!

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The MemoriZzer 3000 Memory Foam Mattress

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The MemoriZzer 3000 Memory Foam Mattress Features

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  • memoryfoam
  • mediumtofirm
  • 30cm
  • norolltogether
  • 3zoned
  • norolloff
  • coolingeffect
  • microcapsuletechnology
  • antibedbug
  • hypoallergenic
  • dustmiteresistant
  • noturnmattress

Detailed information

With a small sensor embedded in the foam, the MemoriZzer 3000 uses wireless technology to detect your brainwaves and record your most recent thoughts. The system is powered by thermal energy, so there are no cords or electrodes to get in the way of a good night’s sleep. Your thoughts are processed using a well-tested algorithm that converts them into text to review the next morning. These are stored on a small external hard drive and can be transferred to your computer or mobile via USB, Blue Tooth, or your wireless network.

All MemoriZzer 3000 mattresses come with our MemoryBuddy software to help you sort through your thoughts. You can tag and categorize them, as well as set up filters in case there’s anything on your mind you don’t want recorded. This also includes a mobile app that offers easy integration with social networks.

The MemoriZzer 3000 offers support for up to 2 individuals. Users can also subscribe to our ThoughtProtect service to make sure no one else can get access to or use your original ideas for a low monthly fee. We expect the first run to sell out quickly, so act now and be one of the first to benefit from this life-changing technology!

Customer Reviews for the The MemoriZzer 3000 Memory Foam Mattress

Wonderous invention which will change your life!
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Comfort
I had a pretty bad start in life, my mother dropped the 20 kilo potato she was taking to the giant vegetables competition at the local farm on my head when I was 4 years old. This left me with terrible memory problems and a compound fracture of the spine. As a result I have had trouble remembering even the smallest details of my life, like whether I have added sugar to my tea or not, hence me now having no teeth either from adding more and more sugar to my tea.

So when I stumbled across an advert offering me the chance to test this bed I jumped at it. Well not exactly jumped, that’s a bit beyond my physical capabilities. But I was very excited. I was, however, worried that all that wireless technology might make my memory problems worse, but I was assured that it is on a different frequency to the one our brains work on so everything would be ok.

This mattress, while not solving the problem with my teeth, has at least helped me with my memory and my back problems. The mattress is so comfortable with its memory foam, I sink into the mattress and it takes all the weight off my back, leaving me free to dream of a potato free world. But even better, as I fall asleep the bed remembers everything I’m thinking of and then downloads it for me to read the next day. I can now remember where I left my shoes, my false teeth and what my name is, day in, day out.

It is truly amazing and I recommend everyone should buy one or….these…what was it again?

posted by (30/03/2012)

I ve tested the ThoughtProtect Service
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Comfort
I have always had genius ideas but they were never successful, sadly. I can tell you now but as a kid I mentally designed a motorised ice cream cone with a gutter. It prevented you from having a neck ache when fighting to finish your melting ice cream, but kids can sometimes be really distracted. I swear if I had a memorizer at the time I would be so rich now…

Well I’ve tested the beta version of this innovative mattress and especially wanted try out the exclusive ThoughtProtect option. Unfortunately I didn’t have any brilliant ideas the day I offered my dreams to mother science but I can tell you the protection system actually worked otherwise I would be in serious trouble right now…

posted by (30/03/2012)

Completely amazing
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Comfort
I was a bit suspicious when I was approached to test the MemoriZzer 3000. The promise seemed to good to be true. How could a mattress record my thoughts and still be comfortable? Also, I was a bit concerned about having all this wireless technology interfering with my brain every night. Turned out my fears were completely unfounded.

The MemoriZzer 3000 sleeps like a dream. The mattress is supportive and comfortable and I woke up feeling refreshed every morning. I did some research on the technology, and all that fear was just a bunch of local news scare tactics. It’s completely safe.

As for my thoughts, sometimes I can’t believe the things I wake up to. Most of it is really useful, like remembering when my car insurance expires or to take the bin out the next night, but other times it’s a great idea I had for an invention that would make trying to, actually maybe I shouldn’t tell you about it yet, I’ve only just signed up for ThoughtProtect, but I never would have remembered it otherwise.

So what are you waiting for? You’d be a fool to miss out on using the MemoriZzer 3000. It’s useful, it’s comfortable, and while it might be a bit pricey, it's a whole lot of fun.

posted by (30/03/2012)

Life-changing software
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Comfort
The MemoryBuddy software bundled with the MemoriZzer 3000 absolutely changed my life. I was always scrambling around the house trying to find sticky notes to remind me what I was supposed to get shopping or writing what the kids were doing on the back of my hand, but with this program and the app for my phone, I don’t have to worry about forgetting William at football practice again (it was only one time. Okay, maybe two, but that's it!)

Having all my late night thoughts available on my phone to tag and share whenever I want is perfect. I especially appreciate the feature to stop certain things you’ve had on your mind from being recorded. I know the data is secure, but it’s nice to know no one is going to find out what I’ve been thinking about James at the office if anyone ever got their hands on my phone!

I would recommend this software to anyone. It’s easy to use (I hardly needed to read the instructions) and let’s you choose your own theme so it’s totally cute too.

posted by (30/03/2012)

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