How To Choose The Right Bed For You?

mattress1 As a mattress seller, one question I frequently encounter from my customers is, “Which is the right bed for me?” My answer always is the same, “It depends”. Just like there is no one size that fits all, there is no one bed that suits everyone. The right bed depends on several factors.

The first factor you have to consider when you get a new bed is your sleeping position. An important point to remember here is the position you wake up from sleep not the position you try to sleep in. So even if you try to sleep on your back, but if you always wake up on your right, then you are a right sleeper.

sleep1-300x300The second factor to consider is the position of your hands. Depending on where you place your hands you have to decide on the size of the bed you are about to buy.

The third and most important factor to consider is the level of hardness or firmness you desire in your bed. While some love to sink into their beds, others find too fluffy and soft beds disturbing. However there is a difference between the softness and the firmness of a bed. Softness is how the bed feels when you first lie on it and firmness is how it feels when you are deep asleep. Research proves that people sleep better when they choose a bed based on its firmness and not softness.

Here I outline the strategy you can follow when you go bed-shopping:
Do not do mattress shopping in a hurry. Plan at least a few hours exclusively for mattress shopping.
Identify the position in which you lie and the position you wake up in before you go shopping.
Lie down on each bed for at least 10-15 minutes and identify the one that feels good for you.