What is a pocket sprung mattress?


Due to their widespread publicity, you might instantly fall into the trap of thinking that memory foam mattresses will provide you with the best night’s sleep. However, this is largely down to the individual and you should always consider the benefits offered by Pocket Sprung Mattresses.

What is a pocket sprung mattress?

Pocket sprung mattresses boast a large number of springs, each working independently, supporting the part of your body where pressure is applied. Therefore, like memory foam mattresses, they are able to mold to your body’s shape.

This image demonstrates how the individual springs in a pocket sprung mattress can work independently.

The springs found inside a pocket sprung mattress

They are able to achieve such fate through their clever technology: each spring is individually wrapped inside its own material pocket and they are able to work independently to support different parts of your body.

As you lie on a pocket sprung mattress, the individual springs only react to the weight that is applied directly to them. This ensures that each part of your body, including your joints and spine, are given the right support throughout the night and pressure points are relieved.

Not your ordinary spring mattress:

Pocket Sprung Mattresses are vastly different to traditional open coil mattresses. In open coil structures, such as traditional open coil mattresses, the springs are interwoven so if pressure is applied to one they will all react; this is not the case with pocket sprung mattresses where each spring works independently to offer you a superior level of support.

A traditional open coil mattress will consist of roughly 300 springs, whereas a pocket sprung mattress can feature thousands. In fact, it is not unusual to find a pocket sprung mattress with up to 5000 springs. With such a vast difference, you can appreciate how much smaller these springs are and how sophisticated their technology must be.

Why this is a major advantage:

In a traditional open coil mattress, if a weight disparity exists between the people sharing a mattress then the weight of the heavier person can cause the lighter partner to roll towards them.

An image demonstrating the technology in pocket sprung mattresses.

The individual pockets in a pocket sprung mattresses.

This is not the case with pocket sprung mattresses: the individual pockets work together to counteract this and ensure there is no ‘roll together’ effect. By eliminating this, pocket sprung mattresses will vastly improve yours, and your partner’s sleep.

Pocket spring mattress are also designed to last longer than traditional coil sprung ones and require less frequent turning. However, due to the greater density of springs, they are heavier than other mattresses which could potentially pose a problem when the need to turn them arises.

What you need to consider:

When deciding on which pocket sprung mattress will be right for you, you will need to consider the number of springs to opt for. In the bed industry, it is widely accepted that the number of springs mentioned in the name of a mattress refers to how many springs there are in a standard five foot UK king size mattress.

To help you decide how many springs will provide you with adequate support, our bed experts at Wedo Mattresses have come up with a clever formula: the amount of springs should correspond to the total weight of those using the mattress. For instance, someone with a weight of 8-15 stone will find great support in a 1000 pocket sprung mattress, but a couple with a combined weight of 20-25 stone should look for a mattress with 15000-2500 springs to offer sufficient support.


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This of course is only a rough guide and there are other important, personal, factors to take into consideration: such as how firm you would like your mattress to be. Therefore, have a read of the pocket sprung mattress reviews on our site and then ask yourself what it is that you want from your mattress.

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