The buyer’s guide to desks

A desk can turn your bedroom into a multi-functional space. It creates a formal space where you can work, undisturbed in the quiet of your bedroom. For some people and especially children and adolescents having a desk is a bedroom furniture essential.

Desks have always exuded a sense of power, large wooden with a classic green lamp have sat in offices from Wall Street to famous authors. Getting the right desk to suit your needs and functions as well as your style is no mean feat.

Laptop desk

This is Classics Furniture Laptop Table

Classics Furniture Laptop Table

The laptop desk is more of a niche desk. They appear less cumbersome in your bedroom than their computer desk counter part. The majority have a single platform to store your laptop on. This not only provides a safe place for your laptop as it is out of harms way on your floor, but is also a formal space to work.

                                                         Computer desk

This is an image of Demeyere Fusion Computer Desk

Demeyere Fusion Computer Desk

The classic PC desk has been gracing our homes since the 1990s. They have been designed specifically to house our computer tower, screen, printer and scanner. They usually are built from steel to help support the weight of the computer and parts. the all metal look can sometimes be a little harsh, which is why some have a mix of wooden-looking platforms. Each computer desk offers different functions so always read the features section carefully to match it to your computer perfectly.

                                                                                                Traditional desk

An image of Julian Bowen Cameo Desk

Julian Bowen Cameo Desk

The traditional desk or classic writing desk will offer you more versatility in your bedroom. They can happily house a laptop or computer, with the added benefit of a space to write. This is especially true if you have a laptop. Stylistically the traditional desk is wooden and therefore easier to match with other furniture. The storage with traditional desks is also more versatile with two, three and six drawer options.

The contemporary desk

An image of Jitona Samba Corner Desk

Jitona Samba Corner Desk

The contemporary desk name could be applied both to modern storage design and modern look and style. Desks have started to be designed to fit into more unusual spaces and around other furniture to save space, such as desks specifically designed for mid and high sleepers. In terms of style, contemporary desks are most likely to have a high finish and are made from more modern materials.

                                                                                               Children’s desks

This is a picture of the Demeyere Princess Study Desk

Demeyere Princess Study Desk

Buying your child’s first desk will not only make them feel like one of the grown ups but will start an excellent lifetime habit. Designs for kids desks begin for three-year-olds and go all the way up to teenagers. At the younger end of the scale you buy your children novelty desks to cater for their personalities, making learning a fun experience. When they get older the designs become more grown up and versatile to fit their needs and bedroom space.


Desks have always been associated with intellect and wealth, which is why they still come in more traditional designs. The material this makes you think of is dark, heavy, rich woods such as walnut. But these heavy looks don’t match modern and contemporary styles so desk tables have been updated to fit into tight corners and lighter wood colours are used to blend in with other furniture.

The solid choice

Desks are traditionally made from oak and pine. They are both known for being durable and sturdy making them a solid choice for a study desk. Pine is a modern version of oak because it’s lighter, making it better suited to modern lifestyles. Pine can also be be stained to get a colour to match your décor. Other solid woods that are used to build furniture are beech and walnut. Walnut is famed for its rich stylish tones and making hardy, durable furniture. It is timeless and the perfect choice if you’re going for a traditional look. Beech has two unique abilities: it can take stains well and it’s able to be highly shock resistant, making it a good choice for a young family home.

                                                                                                     A green choice

An image of Verona Hobby Desk

Rubberwood, MDF and particleboard are the environmental alternative to traditional solid woods. You can buy all three of these woods with a solid wood veneer so you can still get the look. But Rubberwood is also used as a veneer. MDF and particleboard are mostly commonly used to construct modern furniture because they can come in numerous finishes including being painted, veneered and even glossed to create hundred of different unique and creative styles.


The finish varies depending on what the furniture has been constructed from. Solid woods are normally finished with lacquer, wax or paint. Wax and lacquer are used to preserve the wood as well as bringing out the natural beauty of the knots and grain of the wood. MDF and particleboard can have a variety of finishes including a foil veneer, painted or gloss finish to create dramatic stylish looks.


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