The British secret for a good night’s sleep

Here at Wedo Mattresses, we are always on the hunt to find the key to a golden night’s rest because we don’t just want you to buy a mattress online, but also want you to enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Well, alas, we have found the answer: using the findings from the Bedeck survey of 2000 adults, we have enlisted the services of our very own Guru Carlos to get him to produce an infographic so you can at last be privy to the great British secrets for a Good Night’s Sleep.

The Great British Secrets for a Good Night's Sleep

So what is your secret to a good night’s sleep?

As you can see from the findings, with an overwhelming majority of 56%, the key to a good night’s sleep was having a ‘Good quality mattress'; so why not visit Wedo Mattresses and treat yourself to an awesome new mattress so you too can bask in the glory of a good night’s sleep.


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Featured photo credit: dick_pountain via photopin cc

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  • camille

    This is a very cool infographic! Thanks for sharing Paul!

    • Paul

      Thanks for the comment Camille, I’m glad you liked it. Be sure to check out our other infographics too :)