Sofa bunk bed transformer

Sofa transforms into bunk bed

Step into the future of furniture with this ultramodern space-saving solution:      the sofa bunk bed!

Far from your average sofa bed, this amazing design opens up into two twin sized beds one on top of the other; a bunk bed, in other words. It looks like something straight out of Transformers, so no surprise that this functional double duty sofa is considered one of the most ingenious sofabed designs around. Have you seen anything else like it? We didn’t think so.

Sofa Bunk Bed: stage 2
Sofa Bunk Bed: stage 1
Sofa Bunk Bed: stage 3

If you want to get your hands on one of these be prepared to dig deep in your pocket, they don’t come cheap. However they do come with the necessary mattresses, a ladder and top rail, and of course the guarantee that your kids will love you more than ever.

Sofa Bunk Bed: stage 1Sofa Bunk Bed: stage 2

Sofa Bunk Bed: stage 3

Padstyle: Mobelform’s Doc

Want one? Don’t want one? Tell us what you think!

Click here for even more amazing bunk beds.


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  • canapé pas cher

    Excellent article. Highly recommended.

    • Zoe

      Thanks! It is such an ingenious design, I had to share it :)

  • eve

    I would like to purchase this sofa.

  • Haydn Carr

    Prices please

    • Elizabeth Horsfall

      Apologies, this is not something we sell – we just think it’s amazing!