Bedroom furniture and decorating tips to help you beat the credit crunch

Decorating on a budget is never easy so Wedo have put together a few tips to help spruce up your décor.

A facelift for your bedroom

One of the main focal points of the bedroom is the headboard. It instantly draws the eye, so getting a new one can feel as though your whole room has had a makeover. If you want an intricately designed one we would recommend metal but if you prefer a more rustic look go for wooden.

Portland HB

The Classics Furniture Portland Headboard – simple and stylish.

Make your own curtains

It’s the small furnishings like curtains that really show off your personality. So making your own is not only cost effective but one of the ultimate ways to personalize your bedroom. Simply pick a sumptuous fabric and iron on a print on to give your room a touch of luxury.

You can find a great tutorial here from A Beautiful Mess.

Get creative

If you feel your walls are looking a little bare then stencilling an art design could be the answer. It not only allows you to let out your inner van Gough but your inner Martin Lewis too. Draw your own design, cut it out, stick it to your wall and fill in as you wish.

A lick of paint

If your furniture is looking tired or you’re simply tired of looking at your it, rejuvenate it with a lick of paint. You can choose elegant white or bold red to give your bedroom a completely different feel. With solid wood, a new coat of wax or lacquer can bring back it’s original beauty.

Look online for discounts

Not only are there loads of price comparison stores but online is normally cheaper than bricks and mortar stores. And it’s especially useful for larger items such as wardrobes as you don’t have to worry about getting them home, delivery is all part of the service and can even be free online.

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