5 affordable luxury decorating tips

Turning a bedroom into a sumptuous space is never easy. It involves finding the right colour scheme, furniture and accessories to suit your personal tastes. Not everyone understands that this look can seem hard to achieve if you’re on a budget but, We do. This is why we have created 5 affordable luxury decorating tips for you to take advantage of.

1) A Statement wall

Decorate with a statement wall

Making a focal point of one of your walls is a popular modern design. It allows you to pick more flamboyant prints and darker colours because as it’s just one wall it won’t dominate your entire room. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for an affordable way to give your room a lift. You can invest in a more luxurious wallpaper as you’re not papering the whole room.

2) Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors

Chateau Interiors French Painted Mirror

Owning a mirror has been associated with luxury; think of sprawling Georgian and Regency homes with candle light bouncing off mirrors. Even now mirrors are used to reflect light in rooms to make them feel larger. Modern mirrors that add a truly luxurious touch are ornate, tall, wall, butterfly, contemporary, wooden and lighted, as they boast character, detail and size.

3) Rugs


DIY felt statement rug at conversationpieces.co.uk

You know the old saying you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes, well your rug is your bedroom equivalent. It’s important to choose a rug that stylistically marries with the rest of your décor and has a sumptuous soft feeling beneath your toes. Rugs come in various styles and the two most common size types are area or runner. It’s an area rug that you will need to decorate your bedroom. Rugs always add a sense of luxury and style for a very inexpensive price. To make it even more affordable you can start your own DIY project like the one in the picture.

4) Bedroom furniture sets

An easy way to add style to your room is by buying a new bedroom set. These are normally purchased as a three piece and contain a wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table. This mighty trio make any bedroom feel like home and buying them as set means you save money. If you have a neutral colour scheme than you can add a splash of bold colour with your furniture.

5) Art

DIY contemporary wall art

DIY contemporary wall art by The New Domestic

A piece of artwork always screams luxury and taste. You can build your whole room-set design around a truly spectacular piece. Or alternatively they can be the finishing touch that marries your themes together. It’s never been easier to buy art on a budget; you can buy replicas of the greats such as Van Gough’s famous Sunflowers for a yellow room, or large contemporary photographs of cityscapes for contemporary rooms. If you would prefer an original piece then scour local markets and antique shops to find that perfect piece. And to really save money get creative and make your own art – you can find loads of ideas online, like this one from The New Domestic.

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