Wool Bedding & Mattress – The Preferred Choice For Centuries

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  • May 12, 2016
  • 231-3-couette-4-saisons-aerobio-de-biosense-240x220_1For centuries, wool has been the first choice when it comes to sleeping materials. But if even thinking of sleeping on a woollen mattress makes you sweat, then you cannot be farther from the truth. Wool though often used for making outer garments that help you stay warm, is in fact is the ideal choice for bedding and mattresses even in hot climates. If you are puzzled over the irony, read further to discover the amazing properties of wool. You may find it’s better than the best rated memory foam mattress you will find in your local store.

    In a recent study conducted by the University of Sydney in partnership with the WoolMark Company, several researchers examined the properties of different synthetic materials and wool in providing the ideal sleeping environment. The study tested the properties of the materials at various temperatures and humidity levels. The results of the study proved that wool is the ideal choice for bedding. It helped subjects to fall asleep quickly and also made them sustain REM or deep sleep for longer periods of time. Wool bedding also helped to regulate the body temperature of the subjects and provided the ideal temperature for restful sleep.

    washable_wool_pad_1_largeWe list out a few reasons as to why you should prefer bedding made out of wool when compared to other synthetic materials.

    Wool is organic and free from all chemicals. It is one of the oldest natural fibres ever known to mankind. Hence it does not harm your body in any way.
    Wool maintains your ideal body temperature irrespective of the season. During summer it helps to cool your body while during winter it helps to warm your body.
    It is free from allergy causing substances. Hence it can be safely used by everyone without having to worry about allergic reactions.
    Wool provides the natural support for your body. Forget about hard springs in your mattress when you can stuff it with natural wool.
    Wool is a fibre that is naturally fire-retardant. Hence it is a safe choice for bedding.
    So enjoy peaceful and restful sleep on a soft woollen mattress.

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    Enjoy Deep Peaceful Sleep With Wool Bedding

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  • April 25, 2016
  • df8c4a6191f3695b0b04e36b553d1cf8We usually associate wool with warmth and sweaters. However wool isn’t necessarily limited to these factors. Wool should be your first choice when it comes to choosing the fibre for your bedding. The benefits of choosing wool as the fibre for your mattress are many: Wool regulates body temperature, it is hypo-allergic, a natural fire retardant, helps eliminate pests like dust mites and termites.

    It is the only material that is suitable for all weather conditions. During summer it absorbs your body moisture helping you sweat less and feel cool. During winter, it retains your body temperature thereby helping you feel warm. As we grow older, a lot of us suffer from insomnia. Getting a full night’s sleep is difficult. Very often we feel tired and groggy when we wake up. You can easily eliminate all this by choosing quality woollen mattresses and bedding.

    kids-organic-mattress-bedding-3The reason we turn and toss in bed is due to the loss of water vapour from our body. When we sleep, if our bedding is not at the right temperature we feel hot. We begin to sweat and lose water vapour at an alarming rate from our body. We keep on tossing, change positions and become restless. We throw away our blankets only to feel that we are cold and the cycle repeats itself throughout the night. We can be easily deprived of a rejuvenating sleep by a wrong mattress. Wool helps you overcome this as it efficiently absorbs moisture from your body thereby lowering your body temperature and helping you feel cool.

    Usually married couples have a hard time agreeing on the right choice of mattress that is suitable to both. It is common for one person to feel cold all the time while the other person feels hot all the time. Wool is the ideal choice of bedding material for such couples as it regulates the body temperature of both the individuals and offers relaxing sleep.

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    Reasons To Choose A Woollen Mattress Topper

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  • February 14, 2016
  • Squaring_High_DoubleUsually people opt for a cotton mattress topper or overlay. However if you need restful and peaceful sleep, it’s time to switch to a woollen mattress topper. Here I list the benefits of a woollen mattress topper.

    41S2LriM5LL._SY300_QL70_ (1)Temperature: Wool is an all natural fibre that unlike other synthetic fibres offers you breathability. It keeps you cool during summer and warm during winter. Hence you need not bother buying new covers to suit different seasons.
    Blend of Wool: There are different types of wool blends available to suit different styles and preferences. A woollen mattress topper is considered as the epitome of luxury and indulges you to sleep deeply and restfully. The finest blend of wool in the world is the blend of Alpaca and British wool.
    Relaxation: When you lie on a woollen mattress you need not look for other methods to relax yourself. No matter the reasons for insomnia you will fall asleep at once you lay on a woollen mattress.
    Ideal for Bed Sharing: It is common for married couples to have different preferences when it comes to bedding. But a wool mattress adapts itself to suit different people so it is ideal choice for bed sharing.
    So, switch over to a woollen mattress topper for your bed and sleep like a baby.