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Shire Crown 15 Memory Mattress

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The Shire Crown 15 Memory mattress combines an open coil system with 15mm of V60 memory foam and is a great way to ensure you the best night's sleep possible without breaking the bank.

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Shire Crown 15 Memory Mattress

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Brand Information

The Shire Bed Co

The Shire Bed Co are based in Yorkshire and are proud of these roots. Their abiding principle is, "if a job's worth doing it's worth doing well," something that is there for all to see in every one of the excellent Shire mattresses and divans. They utilise pocket sprung and open coil units with a variety of fillings to offer a range which includes something for everyone, we are sure you will be more than happy with a Shire mattress.

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Shire Crown 15 Memory Mattress Features

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  • opencoilmemoryfoam
  • medium
  • 20cm
  • norolloff
  • norolltogether
  • pressurerelief
  • coolingeffect
  • noturnmattress

Detailed information

Wedo Beds work with The Shire Bed Co because they pride themselves on their Yorkshire heritage, and this Shire Crown 15 Memory mattress is full of their Yorkshire charm and all the good things that welcoming county has to offer. It's less rough and ready, down t'mine and cold grey days and more the Yorkshire of the gently rolling hills, great cups of tea and warm cosy pubs!

As you would expect of a mattress that is made by the steady and dependable people of Yorkshire, at the core of this mattress is a strong and supportive open coil spring unit which is of a 13.5 gauge, not too firm but firm enough to give your body all the support it needs.

This is then surrounded with conventional fillings which provide cushioning and softness to go with the sturdy open coil unit. The very top layer is 15mm of V60 memory foam, which is to this mattress as Yorkshire pudding is to a roast dinner... it would be great without it but it's infinitely better with it! The memory foam reacts to your body heat and moulds around your body shape, helping to keep your spine aligned, relieve pressure on your joints and make this an incredibly comfortable mattress.

The mattress is finished with a damask, stretch-knit, cool-plus fabric to help keep your body temperature at an ambient level through the night. You don't need to turn this mattress to extend it's life, as you do with most open coil mattresses, simply rotate it every few months and you will be able to experience a great night's sleep, every night for years to come.

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