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Wooden Beds and Solid Wooden Bed Frames

A Wooden Bed can bring warmth and style to your bedroom and can often be purchased with matching furniture. Commonly made from Pine or Oak, our Wooden Beds collection also feature Ash, Rubberwood and more exotic woods such as Walnut. For more information about Wooden Bed Frames check out our Buyer's Guide.

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Most recent reviews in Wooden Beds

  • Review for Serene Mya Bed

    fantastic bed!

    Think this has to be one of the best value beds around. I couldn't find anything better looking for the same price and when I opened the boxes I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. Now we've put it together it really looks the part, extremely happy with it!

    posted by Davina (12/07/2014)

  • Review for Friendship Mill Studio Bed Frame

    one happy customer

    I have just had a loft conversion and had been struggling to find a bed to fit the space, this one is ideal though. Love the fact it is made in the UK and you can really tell from the quality of it. Also, many thanks to the team at Wedo, so helpful when I called with lots of questions!

    posted by Javed, Reigate (12/07/2014)

  • Review for Classics Furniture Panama Bed Frame

    very fast delivery

    I placed my order while having my breakfast on Monday and it was delivered while I was having my breakfast on Tuesday! Can't really beat that. Bed is fine, cheap but sturdy enough.

    posted by Georgiana (06/07/2014)


A Buyer’s Guide to Wooden Beds

Wooden beds are a great addition to any bedroom. Along with leather and metal bedsteads, wood is a popular material that can match almost any interior décor depending on the finish and the style you choose.

If you are shopping for a wooden bed but are not quite sure where to start we put together this handy buyer’s guide to help you decide which options will best suit your needs.

Beds made from wood are an affordable option but the price will mostly depend on the type and the quantity of materials used in their construction.  Less expensive bed frames are generally made from lighter shades, such as pine, while beds featuring a wider array of colours will cost a bit more.

Those beds are also very durable and last for many years.  They don’t need special care and will naturally mellow over time which will offer other possibilities of style to work with.


Wooden beds come in a variety of different finishes from painted and lacquered through to gloss and natural. Whether you want to create a rustic, contemporary or a clean modern look for your bedroom, there are plenty of wood species and different wood finishes to choose from.
Oak bed frame

Oak is well known for its hardness and strength and looks denser compared to pine wood. This hardwood bed made from oak has a heavy and open grain that gives an attractive look to furniture

Pine bed frame

The beauty of pine lies in its natural blemishes that make each piece of furniture unique. Wooden bed frames made from pine are beautiful left unfinished but also look great when lacquered or slightly painted with light shades of colour.

Painted bed frame

A painted bed frame will create a more contemporary look for your room. Some wooden beds come in a variety of different bright colours which make them a great option to furnish a kid’s room.


Wooden beds are available in a wide choice of different types from platform beds, children’s bunk beds to guest beds.

Poster Bed

A four poster bed in wood will bring elegance and luxury to your bedroom. This kind of bed is specifically designed to enclosed the bed and serve both practical and decorative purposes.

Guest bed

A guest bed in wood is an affordable way to save a lot of space as it can easily slide under most single beds. This kind of bed comes in many different shapes and styles to suit any bedroom configuration

Bunk bed

A wooden bunk is an excellent space saving solution and can be separated to form two beds. This kind of bed is ideal for two children sharing a bedroom or for when they have a guest for a sleepover.

Bed Base

A wooden bed will generally come with a slatted base to hold the mattress. This type of base is usually made out of hardwood to create a solid surface for the mattress and provide a firmer feel to the bed.  But most manufacturers are now using flexible sprung slatted bases since they give extra comfort. This type of base used a solid curved wooden beam running up to the centre of the bed to help reduce slat breakage and adjust to the mattress better.


Under bed drawers are a great way to expand your storage space without having to invest in new furniture but if you need additional storage there are also types of beds entirely designed for this purpose, such as ottoman beds and cabin beds.

Ottoman Bed

The entire base of wooden ottoman bed is a dedicated space for storage, which gives plenty of room to store bed linen.

Cabin Bed
A wooden cabin bed will be appropriate for a kid. Designed with either cupboards or shelves in the middle base, a cabin bed ensures you have plenty storage space without taking up any more room.


At Wedo-Beds we store wooden beds in a wide range of styles and our products are available in a wide range of sizes so that whether you are looking for a single wooden cabin bed for your kid or a king size bed for yourself you can be sure we have the one that will suit your needs.


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