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At Wedo Beds we have a wide range of metal beds, from the simple, economical to the outright opulent, all with free delivery. You can also save 10% off a mattress when you purchase one of our metal beds. For more information about metal bed frames check out our Buyer's Guide.

Most recent reviews in Metal Beds

  • Review for Birlea Florence Bed


    This is an absolutely beautiful bed and I'm so glad I bought it here. The delivery was perfect as it came when it was supposed to, unlike what happens with many other companies! I'm extremely pleased

    posted by Jamie Lee Evans (24/03/2014)

  • Review for Birlea Georgina Bed

    Customer service staff to be commended

    I had some trouble with my order and called the customer service team who should be commended for how professional and friendly they are. It's not common to get good customer service and I will be recommending this company to friends and family.

    posted by George Eccles (17/03/2014)

  • Review for Birlea Emily Bed

    Value for money

    You said it was value for money and it was! I'm really pleased with the price of this bed. Definitely a good buy.

    posted by Kirstie Davies (06/03/2014)


A Buyer’s Guide to Metal Bed Frames

Olivia Bed Frame

Along with other materials, metal has always been a natural choice for home furniture and beds are no exception. They are really popular in the market both because of their durability and functionality and are available in a wide choice of styles, colours and options.

We understand that it sometimes gets a bit difficult to identify the right bedframe for you, that’s why we put together this handy guide to make sure you shop for your bed with all the options in mind and get the best value for your money.


Lyon DaybedDay Bed

Metal is the most popular material used in the construction of day beds. This type of bed consists of two side panels and one back panel made of metal rods and almost always comes in a single size. Usually found in living rooms, the most popular day bed frames employ Victorian style so they are a perfect way to add a unique and stylish look to any living room.

Bunk Bed

Metal bunk beds are a good choice for kids and small bedrooms. Classic bunk beds consist of two twin bedsteads sitting atop one another, but there are slight variations, including those with a wide bottom bunk. A normal bunk bed will take as much as room as a traditional single bed and can be up to 170cm high but you would need to check the measurements to avoid the top sleeper bump their head on the ceiling every morning.

Guest Bed

Guest bed frames are a great solution if you have guests occasionally but do not have space for another bed. A metal guest bed like any other type of bed frame comes in many different shapes to suit any bedroom configuration. A guest bed in metal is a piece of furniture that will bring a modern look to your bedroom décor.


You can choose your metal bed in a choice of different finishes from brass and chrome metal through to gloss and painted metal. Since metal bed frames are available in a variety of finishes they offer many more possibilities when it comes to styles. Each finish will often offer a different look to your bedstead. Wrought iron for example tends to be used for classic looking beds since this is a very malleable metal which makes swirls and ornate designs easy. Metal bedsteads in bronze and brass finishes are particularly suitable for antique styles beds.

Arabella Bed FrameColours

One of the main advantages of metal in terms of interior décor is that it can be painted any colour whatever the finish is. With the option of colours and finishes, metal beds are great if you are looking for a new bedstead for your kid.

Bed Base

Metal bed frames either come with rigid flat slats or a sprung bed base. A slatted base is the most common mattress support system and provides a firmer feel to the bed. If a traditional slatted base doesn’t quite match your comfort criteria you can go for a sprung edge bed base that will give you extra comfort. A flexible sprung bed base is designed to work in conjunction with the mattress and adjusts to the body’s profile better than a flat slatted base.


At Wedo-Beds we stock metal beds in a wide range of styles and our products are available in any size so that whether you are looking for a single metal bunk bed for your kid or a king size metal bed for yourself you can be sure we have the one that will suit your needs.